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Trine Rein - Cafè Oline

Trine Rein celebrates her 20th anniversary as a recording solo artist in Norway!

She wants her anniversary year to begin with the release of new music. Right after new years, Trine releases her new single, "The weight of your kiss", written by Danish artist, producer and writer, Tobias Stenkjær. 

In July, Trine Rein is to perform at a festival called "Skudefestivalen" on the West-coast of Norway. This is where she runs into tenor Sveinung Hølmebakk from Nordic Tenors for the first time, and together they perform David Foster's "The Prayer". The more than 5000 people in the audience love their performance, and the two singers decide to create something exciting together for the following year.

In September/October of 2013, the anniversary is celebrated with Trine's very own anniversary tour. The tour is called "20 years - in the Midst of Music", and she performs a self written multi media show in 9 different venues, covering 7 Norwegian counties with a 5 piece band and crew on the road. The tour is also entirely booked and coordinated by Trine Rein herself, with a lot of help from her PR-manager, Hilde Killingdalen. 

Finishing up her anniversary tour, receiving standing ovations from an undoubtedly impressed audience, Trine turns around to release her very first live album from the anniversary show. The album is called "Hit's and Favorites" from her "20 years - in the Midst of Music". Her new artist partner, Sveinung Hølmebakk, joins her in some of her anniversary concerts, and together they perform "The Prayer" which ends up as one of the tracks on Trine's live album.

But there is no rest for the weary. Come November, Trine begins her third Christmas tour. This time, she has booked as many as 21 concerts herself, and works with some 40 various, local choirs along the way. She covers 15 of the Norwegian counties this time, travels far, and meets many wonderful people. She claims to get energized from sharing her message in every church she visits, and promises to continue on her endeavour to spread the Christmas gift of unconditional love which she once received. 

In 2014, Trine Rein and her better half, Lars Monsen again create a show together. This time the show is based upon the new TV-series shown on Norwegian national tv during Christmas, "Monsen and his dogs". This year, Trine celebrates her 20ieth anniversary as an international recording artist, and her repertoar is much based on her live album, "Hit's and Favorites". The new show is called "DayTour", and is only set up in a couple of venues to begin with. Lars is really in the middle of the dog mushing racing season, and only has a few days to spare for shows in his busy schedule. 

To be continued....